ATTENTION boudoir photographers, aspiring boudoir photographers, and photography students who want to learn more about the beautiful world of boudoir... Does this sound like you?


  • Do you ever get "stuck" when trying to think of the next pose in a boudoir session?
  • Are you confident when posing family portraits or seniors, but feel out of your element when you try to embrace the sexier side of photography?
  • Do you worry that you don't have enough variety in your sessions to sell your biggest packages or albums to your client?
  • Do you find yourself struggling when a client has a fuller figure or mobility limitations?
  • Do you think you're doing okay with posing, only to find that the photos you love the most are NOT being bought by your clients?
  • Could you use some help to take your boudoir posing (and therefore your boudoir business) to the next level?


Learn "sets" of related poses that are universally flattering to every figure (plus which poses to stay away from and how to modify others for certain body types.)


Learn how to use slight variations to create up to half a dozen sell-able images from the same pose.


Better yet, learn how to get your clients (who are not models) to relax and feel confident and comfortable enough to execute the poses beautifully.


And best of all, learn posing that really, truly, absolutely SELLS.


These poses are appealing both to the woman who is your client, AND to her significant other as well, if that is her purpose for doing a boudoir session with you. The poses range from demure to provocative, and there is instruction included on simple ways to make a pose more modest, or more daring, depending on your specific client.


This is not another posing book filled with images of models in fashion-y editorial poses which, frankly, most non-models simply cannot pull off without looking and feeling ridiculous. These are photos of my real boudoir clients in who have been generous enough to allow their photos to appear, in poses that are attainable by beautiful "every day" women who are not always a size 0 with with yogi-like flexibility.


This 75-page guide is packed with visual examples and key points to watch, as well as a valuable FAQ including tips to help you confidently pose both your curvier and more mature clientele in a way that flatters (and sells!)




"This book is a game-changer! Too many posing guides currently available are designed for professional models and don't cater to those of us posing "regular" women. Natalie's guide is totally different. Instead of focusing on "model" poses, it assumes that the women you are posing have no experience at all. From body position, placement of hands and coaching expressions, it covers all the main points you need to create beautiful, desirable and sellable images for your clients. Natalie's deep understanding of flattering the female form, regardless of body shape or size, makes her a wealth of information for beginners and pros alike. The layout of the book organizes the poses into a continuous string, making them not only easier to remember, but more natural and comfortable for your clients as well. Being able to quickly and confidently pose your clients in the most flattering ways obviously results in higher sales and happier clients, and this guide will help you do that with ease. Like all of us, her goal is "Shoot To Sell" and this guide makes it easy to do just that, with the major poses being broken up into minor variations, each a sellable shot in itself. There is a perfect amount of variety, with plenty of options for all body shapes and sizes but not so much that it is impossible to remember. Using just the poses in this book you could create a beautiful album that any woman would fall head-over-heels in love with!" ~Beth Claire, Lisbon, CT


"Don’t let the name fool you, “Natalie Kita’s Shoot-to-Sell Boudoir Posing Guide” is SO much more than just a guide - it’s a mini-boudoir course for photographers.  She covers the most difficult topics; how to relax a nervous client, how to pose for curves, posing hands, facial expressions; instilling confidence and more.  She explains not only the HOW of each pose, but the WHY.  As a photographer, I find that understanding WHY a shot is set up a certain way helps my brain process it more effectively so I remember it later on.  

Not surprisingly, Natalie’s guide is NOT full of supermodels. Instead, her models are everyday women of all shapes and sizes who have released their inner goddess in her competent hands.  The warm, honest and down-to-earth style that both her clients (and students) love is reflective in Natalie’s guide. It’s clear in her work that her life’s purpose is to make EVERY woman feel confident, beautiful, and sexy.  

I keep the guide saved in my phone so I can easily (and subtly) refer to it during a shoot or when I’m stuck with a tricky posing situation." ~ Heidi Hapanowicz, FL


"Natalie Kita's boudoir posing guide is a must have. I absolutely love the variety of women shown in the posing guide and the variety of poses. After reading I was very inspired to go shoot and tweak some poses to flatter my curvy clients even more! Thanks Natalie!" ~Molly Marie of Boudie Shorts,


"Posing makes/breaks a boudoir photo and it takes a long time to figure that out yourself. If you want to make your life easier and your clients happier, go get this ebook! It's a no-brainer."

~Angelica Roberts of


"Natalie Kita's ebook is 75 pages of posing guidelines and advice that really helped me push myself to new limits. I had finally gotten my OCF in place when I fell in love with boudoir photography. What I lacked however was all in the details - bending everything that bends, angles to flatter, and poses that sell. Natalie's ebook gave me the tools and the confidence to take my shooting style to the next level. I keep it in my bag and take a peak at it now before sessions for inspiration. I'm loving it, and my clients see the difference!"

~Mary Gadja, of


Natalie's posing guide is a gem packed with good info. Perfect for beginners in that it's easy to understand and logically laid out. But make no mistake its it has a ton of value if you have experience. Full of subtle info in each image from a placement of hands, wardrobe, to lighting ideas. We would absolutely recommend it and is used over and over again as a reference guide in our own studio. So if you're thinking about it ...just stop...and buy it!

~Randy Goertzen of Seductions Boudoir,

"Shoot to Sell" Boudoir Posing Guide

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