Intelligent Photoshop action set for quick editing and beautiful results on your boudoir, glamour, fashion, and beauty portraits. Make corrections, enhancements, and artistic edits. Time is money. Get a high end look while spending only a few minutes on each image. This action set for portrait photographers and photo retouchers works with Adobe Photoshop, and is designed to help you:


  • OPTIMIZE workflow
  • CORRECT skin texture and tone
  • ENHANCE features
  • POLISH your finished images
  • CONVERT confidently
  • ELEVATE your work with artistic finishing touches


The set includes: 


  1. A paint-on spray tan action for evening out farmers' tans and other unsightly tan lines... or just for warming and "tanning" skin, if desired.
  2. Color-correction brushes to fix extreme differences in client skin tones. This is so great for more mature skin with sun damage and redness in certain areas, sunburn/severe farmers' tans, or for "fake-bake" disasters!
  3. A global "even skin tones" action for giving an all-over evenness to your clients' skin
  4. Highlight actions for adding texture, dimension, and life to skin, hair, and eyes (with and without iris-color enhancements!)
  5. A "powder puff" action for reducing shiny skin and spot-softening of skin.
  6. A subtle teeth-whitening action for realistically brighter smiles.
  7. Simple but smart global and spot-sharpening actions.
  8. A realistic "film grain" action - great as a finishing touch to reintroduce and blend skin textures, as well as lend the look of film to your images. 
  9. Workflow actions to speed up repetitive keystroke or menu-item tasks such as creating a new merged layer, and content aware fill.
  10. Distinctive black/white/sepia conversions. No more muddy, boring black and whites or dated and dull sepias. 
  11. Artistic effects such as dark vignette, color pops, light vignette, haze, and bleachfx.


BONUS: A "Retouch Workflow" pdf that takes you step-by-step through exactly how I use these actions and complete post-processing on over 90% of my client images. This alone is a $29 value, but it's free with your purchase of the Beautiful Boudoir Action set!

There are 32 powerful actions in all, waiting for you in this boudoir and glamour-friendly set! 
Take your photography to the next level NOW by upgrading your post-processing!

Beautiful Boudoir Photoshop Actions

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