Boudoir Business Resolutions for the New Year - Your Marketing Calendar

So you're a boudoir photographer. But you're also a receptionist, retouch artist, accountant, marketing manager, sales force, and who knows what else? I know your story. You've got to-do lists within to-do lists, piles of papers with scribbled notes everywhere. You probably have at least one calendar, but more likely you have a couple or more. You're overwhelmed with all the things you need to do... so naturally, you don't do ANY of them. Well, except the shooting and the editing....because, well, there are client-driven deadlines for those. Artists hate deadlines, but we need them.

How do I know all of this? Because I'm you. You see, I have this blog (and another one, too, actually). This one (for my colleagues) is relatively new, but my other blog (for my clients and prospects) has been in place for going on two years now. I counted the other day, and do you know how many posts I did in 2014 on both of my blogs, combined? Seven. A pathetic, measly, shameful seven. But this year will be different, because I am giving myself deadlines. Well, sort of. I guess they are more like appointments, actually. I have created a google calendar just for my business marketing and business administration, and miscellaneous business tasks (basically, everything related to my business except for the shooting and editing). And do you know what was on that calendar for today? It was to write a post for this blog! (And of course, I thought, what better topic than to kick you all in the ass and tell you to get on the ball and make yourself a calendar too!)

So what else is on this calendar, you ask? Well, it's a mix of daily tasks like posting my "Hot Pic of the Day" on Facebook and Google+, plus weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly tasks. I'm sure I will add more as I go along, but the basic framework is in place, and so far, this month has been highly productive because of it. Here are the tasks that are on my list:

  • Social Media Post Scheduling - monthly

  • Client Blog Posts - weekly

  • Teaching Blog Posts - bi-monthly

  • Follow up on old unbooked leads - bi-monthly

  • Organizational Tasks*helper* (accounting, filing, cleaning my office - AGAIN) - weekly (I have a paid helper who comes in to do these things, but I used to do them all myself, so it can be done.)

  • Newsletter - monthly, plus as needed

  • Enrichment / Brainstorming / Check-in (This is for my goal-writing, educational reading, learning/practicing a new technique, and check-in with my goal progress) - weekly

  • Content Creation (writing content for my website, marketing materials, workshops, e-books, tutorials) - weekly

  • Video (filming video for my youtube channel, website, and social media platforms) - monthly

  • Creative Inspiration Day (shoot a concept, stylized, or "play" shoot, scout for great shoot locations, shop thrift stores for amazing props, sets, or wardrobe) - monthly

  • Business to business networking (reach out to at least one local business owner about cross-promotion or events) - monthly

Sounds like a lot, right? But when broken down into little pieces, it's do-able. I highly suggest creating a marketing calendar and checking in with it every day to keep on top of your tasks. Most studio management software has these calendars built in. (I personally use 17 hats.) However, you can use a free Google Calendar for the same thing!

Of course, your calendar will look different from mine. You will have different tasks, and you may want to do more tasks each weekday and skip weekends. But hopefully the general framework will give you a good starting point.

For help with all aspects of taking your boudoir photography and business to the next level, consider investing in a specialty course or mentoring package.

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Thanks for reading, and as always, have a sexy day!

XOXO, Natalie

PS Please comment below if you have any questions or great suggestions for items/tasks that others might want to incorporate into their own calendars!

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