9 Stunning Boudoir Photography Poses for Your Next Shoot

Updated: May 12

The appeal of boudoir photography clearly lies in striking, enigmatic poses.

Accordingly, in this post, I share 9 stunning boudoir photography poses that are ideal for your next shoot, thanks to their irresistible charm.

Yes, you are completely free to mix and match these poses for maximum visual and sensual impact!

#1 Lean-back Pose

With the right lighting and wardrobe, this pose is ideal for just about any body type model.

With just a sofa arm, you can pull off excellent boudoir shots in this pose.

#2 Lying sideways

This boudoir photography pose is apt for models with all body types. This shot was taken from overhead on a ladder, but feel free to play around with camera angles and facial expressions for great results!

The difference that camera angle and facial expression can make!

This is clearly an excellent pose for highlighting the full female form at its sensual best.

#3 Open-leg Pose

If there is one seated pose that literally oozes sensuality, it is the open-leg pose.

Open-leg seated boudoir shot

Remember this does not have to be graphic; you can keep things titillating without going into the pornographic zone.

Tip – Use props well for added effect and modesty.

#4 Lying on the tummy

A common boudoir photography pose that you can do wonders to with your creativity!

To raise the sensual quotient, have your client arch her booty up!!

Try to have your model pose with her booty up and face pushing forward. Combined with intimate eye contact with the camera, your photo shoot results are bound to be striking!

#5 Lying on her back

This is a particularly sensuous pose that you can work your magic on for enhanced appeal.

The perfect pose for "between the sheets" shots

Another example would be your model lying on her back, on the floor, wearing sexy heels and possibly nothing else. As with most of the other nude photography poses, I have listed here, feel free to use props for added appeal.

#6 Leaning against the wall while standing

With the wall in this case lending “support”, you can have your model lean into the wall face forward or have her back towards it. If there are tummy issues that your client is self conscious about. she can place the front arm and hand down in front, with her handing resting on the front of her thigh.

Leaning face forward into the wall

Leaning back on the wall

In either case, you need not go for the full figure from head to toe. Instead, you can concentrate on the upper part of the body for some incredibly remarkable results.

#7 Hanging Pose

Among so many unique boudoir photography poses possible, this is a unique pose that skyrockets your model’s erotic appeal. While there are plenty of variations possible within this pose, an especially stunning one is where your model has her upper body on a bed or couch while her legs stretch to the floor.

Hanging pose from the edge of a bed

As you might be wondering, this pose is indeed reminiscent of your model’s own self-pleasure and contentment.

#8 Leaning while seated

As with a lot of the poses I have shared here, this one too is great for models with all body types. The best part is you can pull this off equally well, whether your model is clothed or unclothed.

Highlighting the full female form at its naked best – without giving away too much.

Tip – The way you crop your images, as well as the angles at which you take your pictures can make a big difference to the end results.

#9 Free-seated Pose

If you have models who can hold their postures well and have freedom of movement as well as slimmer body types around the mid-section, the free-seated pose is very well suited for them. While using this pose, consider using hands for support, as shown in the image.

Sensual, free-seated pose with the hands lending support.


So, these were 9 stunning boudoir photography poses that have worked very well for me during my boudoir photoshoot sessions.

Ultimately, no matter which of these poses you choose to incorporate in your own photo shoots, I am sure you will be left with remarkable results.

Of course, remember that beyond the poses themselves, it is your own ingenious creativity that will make all the difference!

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